Songs the Beatles performed or wrote.
Answers to Frequently asked questions about my list.
- Mario Giannella
Q. Where can I buy Bootlegs?
A. I don't sell them. I have bought them at used record stores in New York City. You can also try looking for some mail order ads in GOLDMINE magazine, or check out the used record stores in your area. See also Bootleg info
Q. Do you trade music, and can I get audio copies of these songs on your list?
A. Sorry, but NO. I don't have the time to satisfy all of those requests. But I do recommend for traders. I recommend you look up the member "beatlesong" to trade with.
Q. A new group just covered a Beatles song, how come it is not in your list?
A. I don't have the time or interest to maintain a list like that. You will NOT find the ~2000 covers of "Yesterday" listed here. My interest is in songs that influenced the Beatles, or the versions they did of the songs they wrote.
Q. You call that a Song? It only lasted about 3 seconds.
A. I'm interested in the songs they grew-up with, enjoyed playing, or making fun of. Some of them inspired their own songs, e.g. one can hear the beginnings of "Here Comes The Sun" as a guitar doodle, months before George sat in Eric Clapton's garden and fully composed it. Sometimes it points out their influences, e.g. the similarities of their own (unreleased) song "Won't You Please Say Goodbye" with Sam Cooke's "Bring It On Home To Me".
Q. Why is your list organized by song, rather than in chronological order?
A. I like to follow a song along through the years, e.g. "Bring It On Home To Me" (which they first performed in 1962) and hear the Beatles play it during the Get Back sessions in January 1969, and then hear John's version on "Rock n' Roll" (1975) or Paul's version on "Choba B CCCP" (1991).
Q. Which version of "Don't Let Me Down" is on booleg "X"?
A. There are so many bootlegs, many of which simply rehash and repackage material on previous ones, that I can't possibly identify each song on each bootleg. But my list does tell you where you can find each version of a song. This keeps the bootleg list down to the minimum needed to obtain each song version.
Q. Is your list complete?
A. No. There are still many gaps that I need to fill in. It keeps me busy.
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