Sorry, I don't sell nor trade bootlegs, but here is some info that might be useful:

What is a Bootleg?
A recording released and distributed without the artists permission. This may be home or studio demos, studio outakes, or a taped live concert.
Are they Illegal?
Well in the United States yes. It is illegal to sell, trade or buy bootlegs, but owning them is a grey area. It is slightly greyer in other countries.
What are some common companies who provide a quality product?
Yellow Dog, Strawberry Records, Vigotone, Silent Sea, Pegboy, ReproMan, Spank, and Swinging Pig are all excellent labels.
What sort of Quality do bootlegs have?
This varies alot! Some are high quality copies of studio tapes, some are made from people with cheap equipment in their pockets at the back of a theatre, while others are made from people who work at the stadium and record off the soundboard producing a quality equal to studio recordings.
Where can get bootlegs?
* Big stores do not usually carry them since it is illegal, so check out the smaller stores that specialize in used discs, record conventions and flea markets.
* Mail order is very common, and GOLDMINE or DISCovery magazines are excellent places to shop.
* You could also check the usenet newsgroups (e.g. rec.music.beatles, alt.music.bootlegs, alt.binaries.mp3.bootlegs or alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.bootlegs, etc.) to trade CD-R's, tapes, or mp3's.
* For trading CD-R's, I recommend checking out www.bootlegzone.com
How much should I pay?
Well for copies, you should find someone to trade with so that you only pay shipping and media costs). For silver, production quality CDs, stores typically charge $20-25 for single disks and $40-50 for double disks.

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