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 10/27/62 Hulme Hall, Port Sunlight. Cheshire Hospital radio station. 
   "Music With Monty" and "Sunday Spin" with Monty Lister - ArtfII

 01/22/63 Paris Studio, London. BBC broadcast "Pop Inn"
 06/29/63 BBC broadcast "Juke Box Jury" (John)
 08/30/63 BBC Manchester, Non Stop Pop "Pop Chat" with Phil Tate 07/30/63 - BMTB
 09/12/63 Messages to Australia, EMI takes 1-4
 10/03/63 NEMS, London. "The Public Ear" with Tony Hall
 10/16/63 Playhouse Theatre, London. "Radio Newsreel" with Peter Woods.
 10/24/63 with Klas Burling. Karlaplansstudion, "Pop '63" radio show, Sweden.
 11/03/63 BBC broadcast "The Public Ear"
 11/20/63 Ardwick, Manchester. Beatles with Michael Barton. "Voice Of The North" BBC
          George with Michael Barton. "Wacker, Mach Shau" BBC home service.
 11/29/63 ABC Cinema, Yorkshire. Beatles with Gorden Kaye. Huddersfield Tape Recording Society. "Music Box"
 12/10/63 Gaumont Cinema, Doncaster. Beatles with Dibbs Mather. 
  "Dateline London" BBC Transcription Service
  "Calling Australia" BBC Transcription Service
 12/21/63 BBC broadcast "Saturday Club", Christmas Message - BEEB8 CBBC
  Jim Steck and Dave Hull interviews - "Hear The Beatles Tell All" lp 1964 Vee-Jay_Pro_202 CapV14
 01/05/64 George and Ringo with Tony Hall. "The Public Ear"
 01/19/64 with Robert Marcy? Europe 1 radio.
 01/24/64 Paris. American Forces Network "Weekend World"
 02/07/64 Fred Robbins
 02/08/64 BBC broadcast "Saturday Club", phone call from NYC - BEEB8
 02/8,10,12,14/64 L? Murray "The K" As It Happened (Fan Club Audio) - PARL
            Ringo, George, Paul
 02/09/64 Ed Rudy
 02/11/64 Washington DC, Coliseum. Carroll James
 02/16/64 Miami, Florida, Lee Alan
 02/21/64 Miami, Florida, Ed Rudy (telephone) George
 02/22/64 BBC broadcast "Saturday Club", telephone With Brian Matthew - BEEB9
 03/22/64 BBC broadcast "The Public Ear", George, Ringo and John
 05/02/64 BBC broadcast "A Slice Of Life", John
 06/04/64 Treslong Studios, Hillefom, Netherlands "The Beatles" TV 06/10/64 - Silvr
 06/24/64 L? Paul has Ringo's autograph - PARL
 07/18/64 BBC broadcast "Highlight", Paul
 09/11/64 BBC broadcast "A Beatle's Eye View", Paul - same as 07/18/64 Highlight

 04/13/65 BBC broadcast "Pop Inn" live interview from Twickenham
 05/??/65 Comment To A Bleary-Eyed Bob Dylan, Eat The Document - LLTlp8
 06/25/65 BBC broadcast "Today", John
 07/03/65 BBC broadcast "The World Of Books", John interview and reads poem
 D?/??/?? Seattle Press Conf - PARL
 08/21/65 Minneapolis Press Conf - PARL
 D?/??/?? L? Police Report Re: Minneapolis controversy with girls - PARL
 08/30/65 BBC broadcast "The Beatles Abroad", with Brian Matthew, recorded mid-June'65 in USA
 11/??/65 BBC broadcast "Pop Profile", George with Brian Matthew
 12/??/65? BBC broadcast "Pop Profile", John with Brian Matthew
 12/25/65 BBC broadcast "Saturday Club", chat
 12/25/65 Radio Caroline, Christmas message 
 12/26/65 Radio Caroline, Paul, pre-recorded

 05/??/66 BBC broadcast "Pop Profile", Paul with Brian Matthew
 05/??/66 BBC broadcast "Pop Profile", Ringo with Brian Matthew
 08/06/66 BBC broadcast "David Frost At The Phonograph", Paul
 08/29/66 BBC broadcast "The Lennon And McCartney Songbook", John and Paul
 12/06/66 London, EMI studio 2, Radio Caroline, Christmas message 
 12/06/66 London, EMI studio 2, Radio London, Christmas message 
 03/30/67 BBC broadcast "Top Of The Pops", John and Paul with Brian Matthew
 05/20/67 BBC broadcast "Where It's At", John (on tape) intros to cuts of SGT. PEPPER
 08/05/67 Radio London, Ringo's farewell message to Radio London
 09/30/67 BBC broadcast "Scene And Heard", George with Miranda Ward, part 1
 10/07/67 BBC broadcast "Scene And Heard", George with Miranda Ward, part 2
 11/24/67 BBC broadcast "Where It's At", John
 06/09/68 BBC broadcast "The Kenny Everett Show", Beatles

 12/17/69 Christmas/Peace Message Toronto Press Conf (:)- GBTT

 D?/??/?? John Reading "I Sat Belonely" (with Paul?)

 1972 summer. Bank St. Apt., Greenwich Village, NYC.
    John and Yoko with Ron Skoler (:)- NTv4n4, David Peel's records

 03/16/79 (broadcast date) L?
  Paul from "Wings Over The World" TV film (:)- ArtfIII